Suspect From Capitol Riot Asks Court Permission To Go On Vacation

A woman who is being accused of participating in the deadly Capitol riot on January 6 requested permission to go on vacation to Mexico. 

On Monday (February 1), lawyers for the suspect, Jenny Louise Cudd, filed a request to get court’s permission for her to travel to Riviera Maya from February 18-21, per USA Today

According to court documents, the trip is a prepaid “work-related bonding retreat” for Cudd’s employees and their spouses. 

Cudd is the owner of a small floral shop business in Midland, Texas, and faces two misdemeanor charges including entering a federal building without permission and engaging in disorderly conduct. 

The request hasn’t been officially granted by a federal magistrate, and there’s no word yet if and when she’ll be able to travel outside of Texas. Right now, Cudd is out of police custody on pretrial release. 

Prosecutors in the case reportedly took “no position” on Cudd’s request to vacation. 

She is one of hundreds of suspects caught in social media posts bragging about their involvement with the siege on the Capitol that claimed the lives of five people. 

News of Cudd’s request fueled criticism on social media, some citing the difference in treatment of white suspects and Black people.

The lack of police presence during the violence that took place at the Capitol nearly a month ago was repeatedly compared to the response of Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

The use of force, and lack thereof for the supporters of Donald Trump who invaded the federal building completely contrasts the pepper spray, military-grade equipment, and rubber bullets that injured and maimed protesters last year.

Cudd told NewsWest 9 she didn’t do anything wrong on January 6. “I went inside the Capitol completely legally, and I did not do anything to hurt anybody or destroy any property,” she said. 

Cudd told the outlet, she’d “do it again in a heartbeat,” after complaining about hundreds of negative business reviews online. 

“So what they’re trying to do is cancel me because I stood up for what I believe in, and I can tell you this it’s – and it’s what I’ve told everybody – I would do it again in a heartbeat.” 

Photo: Getty Images

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