Kree Filer Is A Young Lawyer On A Mission To Give Back Through Legal Aid

Kree D. Filer is a young lawyer from Los Angeles, California who recently opened her own law firm, The Filer Law Office

Filer, who comes from a long line of lawyers in her family, recognizes the importance of helping those who don’t have access to legal aid. 

“I am committed to providing the best legal representation on behalf of all my clients. I particularly want to help those who are most in need and, in that way, make a positive contribution to our community,” Filer said to The Los Angeles Sentinel

She is the granddaughter of civil rights activist and lawyer Maxcy D. Filer, who was also a member of the Compton City Council. Her dad, Judge Kelvin D. Filer once had a private practice before becoming a judge at the Compton Courthouse.

She also has an uncle and cousins who are lawyers. She credits her uncle, Anthony S. Filer, Sr. who is a supervising attorney for Community Legal Aid at the University of Southern California, for teaching her the importance of giving back through legal services.   

Kree earned a JD from Loyola Law School in 2016 after earning a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2012. She also has five years of experience working as an attorney. 

In her firm, Kree says she will focus primarily on criminal defense, civil litigation, and dependency cases. 

“I look forward to having my own cases to work on and having my own clients to fight for. I also know that a private law practice is a business and respect the challenges and opportunities that will be presented in this endeavor.” 

The Filer Law Office officially opened its doors on Monday (February 1). 

Photo: The Filer Law Office Website

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