Bow Tie Business-Running Brothers Give Back

The Thornton brothers of Atlanta, Georgia are inspiring others to go after their dreams at any age, and they’re giving back to their community in the process. 

The young businessmen, Treandos and his younger brother Noah Thornton, operate T&N Ties and Apparel, where they sell a wide variety of bow ties for style seekers of all ages. 

“I’m the CEO and founder, and Noah is the president, newly promoted,” third-grader Treandos Thornton told CBS News

Treandos started the company at the age of five with the help of his parents. 

“My idea was for it to motivate kids to see that style meets purpose,” Treandos said. He told Newsweek he was inspired after watching his dad put on a bow tie. From there, he asked his mom if he could start a bow tie business.  

It’s a team effort, with each family member, even younger Noah, playing a part in operating the business. 

Now, the brothers are bringing in about $50,000 in annual sales and hope to have their own store sometime in the future. 

In the wake of their success, the brothers teamed up with UPS to donate supplies to help families in need. The partnership supports Treandos’ toy and food drive to help out his local community. He also partnered with the nonprofit United Food Force, Inc. to help out with the give-aways at drop-off locations across Atlanta.

At just nine years old, Treandos has already learned a valuable life lesson through running his business. 

“Look up! Don’t look down all the time,” he said. “If someone shakes your hand, shake firmly. Of course, before COVID times.” 

“I would tell other kids to believe in themselves; don’t give up or let anyone hold you back from your big dreams when you get older. Or, you can do it right now–like I did,” he said. 

Photo: Getty Images

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