Ice Cube Shares Plan To Meet With Biden Administration

O'Shea "Ice Cube" Jackson has announced that he is planning a meeting with members of the Biden administration. Jackson hopes the meeting will take place later this month.

“They reached out. We've got to set up the meeting,” Ice Cube said while appearing on Ryan Cameron: Uncensored.

Jackson hopes the meeting will focus on the highly publicized "Contract With Black America" proposal that he introduced in the months leading up to the most recent presidential election. He was reportedly made contact with members of the Trump re-election campaign, but he claimed that no members of Biden campaign team reached out initially. Months after President Joe Biden emerged victorious, it appears the two sides have found common ground.

Through his proposal, the entrepreneur hopes to discuss economic and social justice reform with the President. However, he will not look to do this alone. Ice Cube plans to bring economic experts, activists and other leaders to help convey his sentiments.

“I would love to bring some people in; I work with some great experts who know the root of the problem much better than me," he explained.

“I would love to bring in the specialists I have and the experts I have to see what we can do to start moving the ball down the field.”

Ice Cube did note that no particular date or venue for the meeting had been decided upon. The talks between Jackson and the White House are still in the early stages. More information will be shared as the details are ironed out.

“I’m available... Whenever they’re ready; I’m there,” Biden said.

“I’m hoping everything will be positive.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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