California Black Freedom Fund Sets $100 Million Fundraising Goal

The California Black Freedom Fund has set a new goal for the future. The organization is now pushing to raise $100 million from a variety of sponsors. In return, the organization is pledging to use their funds to empower "Black-led power-building organizations."

Thus far, the organization has received major funding from both Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. The couple has invested nearly $35 million into the organization.

"Building a better future for everyone starts with centering those who have been politically, socially, and economically marginalized," Chan said.

"We support the California Black Freedom Fund and its work to ensure that Black-led organizations and movements have the power, resources, and recognition to continue their missions and make racial equity a reality in California."

Last year, a number of organizers, activists and changemakers took to the streets in protest of police brutality. Now, many of those organizers are carrying that momentum into a new year and planning out long-term solutions. The state of Oregon attempted to launch a $62 million endowment fund for Black individuals and businesses during the pandemic. Further east, the state of Connecticut launched its own fund to support Black startups. Overseas, Black Lives Matter UK raised more than $1.5 million to help empower social justice initiatives. The Black Lives Matter organization also earned a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The California Black Freedom Fund is now looking to join the growing list of Black-led community organizations that have secured funding to implement create change.

"To make racial justice and equity real in California, philanthropy needs to elevate its investments in Black organizers that are focused on advocacy, organizing and holding our institutions accountable -- something that we call power-building," California Black Freedom Fund affiliate Lateefah Simon said.

"The vision of the California Black Freedom Fund is to bring justice to our communities by making sure Black-led organizations are sufficiently supported and strong, and their leaders are galvanized."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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