Black-Owned Production Company Is Bringing Diversity To Hollywood Deals

Four Screens is a Black-owned management and production company on a mission to bring diversity to all facets of the entertainment industry. 

CEO Messiah Jacobs is an experienced Hollywood producer who wanted to go beyond getting more diversity on screens– he’s ensuring there’s more representation at the tables when deals are signed.

“It isn’t enough to make diverse content, we must change the way deals are financed, greenlit, constructed and how under-represented talent is managed,” Jacobs said in an interview with “Black talent in front of the screen is not always being managed and represented by entities with the same goals of inclusion and diversity in mind.” 

After being inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement, Jacobs expanded Four Screens’ mission to include full-service management in addition to its production goals. 

“The social uprisings of the BLM movement made people finally start seeing the inequalities in Hollywood,” Jacobs added. “When you look at under-represented talent, you do not see strong African American management companies in Hollywood. We are doing just that.”   

Jacobs has worked with a variety of talented artists over the last two decades, from Robert Townsend, Tiffany Haddish, Vivica A. Fox, Billy Dee Williams, and more. 

Jacobs and Four Screens is also responsible for the Estate of hip-hop legend Ol' Dirty Bastard. The company has successfully navigated licensing and production deals, including Amazon’s mini-documentary on his life, and Showtime’s Documentary WuTang: Of Mics and Men, and Hulu's Wu Tang: American Saga.

The company is reportedly working on a Black superhero animated series and a biopic feature film on ODB's life.They also recently signed two award-winning Black directors, Abdul Malik, who directed State Property, and Addison Henderson who won Best Screenplay at the Black Film Festival for Givers of Death.

And they’re not done, Jacobs and Four Screens is looking for more contributors to continue their efforts to represent Black talent and preserve the legacies of our legends. 

“If you believe what we believe and if you want to share in our mission, connect with us…” Jacobs. “We want YOU to be a part of the change. Diversity and inclusion is our company’s DNA– Like Majora Carter says, ‘If we are going to be part of the solution, we have to engage the problems.’” 

Photo: Getty Images

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