Barack Obama Inspired Nike Hyperdunks Put Up For Auction For $25,000

Sneakerheads may need to put together a few dollar bills to bring in a rare pair of sneakers from Sotheby's. This Friday, the international auction will offer sneakerheads a rare pair of Nike Hyperdunks designed for former President Barack Obama. The exclusive sneakers feature the presidential logo, bald eagles and the signature Nike blue swoosh. It is unclear how Sotheby's obtained the sneakers, but reports suggest that there are only two pairs of these exclusive sneakers in the world. Initially, the sneakers are expected to garner $25,000.

The exclusive sneakers resemble the "United We Rise" sneakers worn by another American icon. Designed by Kobe Bryant, the 2008 USA Men's Basketball wore the "United We Rise" sneakers during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Currently, the "United We Rise" Hyperdunks currently cost $350 per pair.

Despite the similarities between the Obama-inspired Hyperdunks and the "United We Rise" Hyperdunks, Sotheby's has confirmed that the sneakers are in fact the pair designed for the 44th President.

"Through our research, due diligence and consultation with the consignor, we have every confidence that the sneakers are an authentic confirmation sample produced by Nike," Brahm Watcher of Sotheby's.

This is not the first time that Barack Obama related merchandise has been auctioned off for a high price. In December, Julien's Auction offered up the former President's high school basketball jersey for nearly $200,000. Auctioned off for $192,000, the sale broke the record previously set by LeBron James, whose high school jersey sold for $187,500.

Nike nor Barack Obama has commented on the upcoming auction. Sotheby's has set up the rare sneaker auction for Friday at 4:44 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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