New To Twitch? Here Are 8 Black Gaming Channels To Watch

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Entertainment is changing by the year, some people are getting their content by watching people play video games. Gaming-based content has been around for at least a few decades. Thanks to the advent of streaming, viewers get to watch their favorite personalities show their skill and love of games.

Some Black streamers are here to have a good time and interact with others, while some are using their platform for advocacy. Whatever their motive, they'll keep you hooked while they're at it. Here are some Black gamers you should watch on one of the biggest streaming platforms, Twitch.


Someone said DeeJayKnight has an "infectious positivity," and they would be right. A US Air Force veteran of the Security Force, he is a man willing to dish out hugs and memorable moments during his stream. If you're feeling down, he'll make sure to get your spirits up right before he pulls off something insane in a video game. Speaking of games, he plays a variety of titles and but loves sci-fi most of all.


Get ready to rub your hands together. LifeOfRio, or just Rio, likes to play games and be snarky with it, too. His commentary and roasts will have you in tears as he decimates his opponents in competitive games. Sometimes he gets the heat back, but he can respect it! You can find him streaming Mortal Kombat 11 and Apex Legends usually, but he'll dabble with other games.


While this is a group rather than an individual, BlackGirlGamers provides a safe space for Black women in gaming. Founded by Jay-Ann Lopez in 2016, she wanted to bring diverse people together through the love of games. She herself is a popular streamer, as well, but plenty of wonderful ladies will arrest your attention with a variety of games.


BlackOni loves sharing his thoughts and musings on video games as an art. His love stemmed from Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis console, and now he indulges in roleplaying games (RPGs), including Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry and more. If you want to join in on his conversations, including talks on Japanese culture, drop by his channel.


If you're a fan of Resident Evil or Call of Duty (COD), you should check out AlexisAyeee. She's a rather relaxed personality who likes to experiencing her playthroughs with chat. When it comes to games like COD or Apex Legends, expect some hype and funny moments to ensue, as well. You may even catch her playing another game, too!


iamBrandon, or UGR Gaming, loves interacting with his chat. The social aspect of Twitch is what draws him to the platform, where he plays horror games and other popular titles for his audience. He brings a lively energy to his stream and some fun commentary, as well, so make sure to drop a follow.

The Black Hokage

TheBlackHokage has been a name on the gaming side of the internet for quite some time. If you go to his Twitch, you can find him playing shooters like COD and Apex Legends along with recent titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 and As the name suggests, too, he's also a big anime and manga fan, so if you want to chat about recent episodes or chapters, he's all ears.


PikaChulita likes to stream all types of video games, from horror and non-military first-person shooters to simulation and platformers. Besides her love of games, Pika uses her platform to speak for diversity, inclusion and charity. Overall, she aims to create a safe space for gamers.

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