Deshaun Watson Spotted With Several Miami Dolphins Players Out At Dinner

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson has been frustrated with the Houston Texans organization and has even been vocal about wanting a trade from the team. One of the teams he was looking at was the Miami Dolphins.

On Friday morning, Dolphins fans were buzzing when a photo surfaced of Watson enjoying dinner in Miami and hanging out with a few of the current Dolphins stars. His former Clemson teammate Christian Wilkins was there, as was nose tackle Raekwon Davis.

On the other hand, what do you do with Tua if Watson ends up at the Dolphins? Tua Tagovailoa’s record as a starting quarterback was 6-3 in his rookie season. The Dolphins defense played a massive part in this success, however, people tend to undermine the fact that Tua was coming off a major hip surgery before this season began. One reason why Tua was able to win games was that his pinpoint accuracy led to little mistakes and if he did make a mistake it was not a costly one. Tua had his ups and downs but what else would you expect from a rookie quarterback who was coming off major surgery.

Photo: Getty Images

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