Judge Denies New Arrest Warrant And Higher Bond For Kyle Rittenhouse

Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce E. Schroeder has denied a motion requesting increased bond and a new arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse. Prosecutors made the request to increase his bail by $200,000 earlier this month after learning that Rittenhouse had moved to a new address without their knowledge. Schroeder ruled that Rittenhouse was in violation of not updating his address, but it was not enough of a reason to increase his bail. Moving forward, Rittenhouse's address will be made available to the court. If prosecutors wish to obtain the address, they will have to go through the sheriff's office. Ultimately, the judge claimed that he didn't issue a new arrest warrant because he believes that Rittenhouse did not violate Wisconsin law.

"To cut us out of this information is not appropriate," Kenosha District Attorney Thomas Binger said.

"We have never been denied this information in any case I've ever heard of."

Schroeder refuted the concerns of county prosecutors. He believes that Rittenhouse is not a threat or likely to flee because he has appeared at every court hearing thus far.

"I understand the concern," Schroeder said.

"To issue a warrant now for a defendant who's appeared at every hearing would be breaking the law and I'm not going to do that."

Rittenhouse is currently out on $2 million bail after being accused of killing two people during protests following the Jacob Blake Jr. shooting. He has pleaded not guilty and believes he acted in self-defense. After entering his plea, Rittenhouse ran into trouble by meeting with members of white supremacist organizations at a local bar while wearing a shirt that read, "Free as f---." Since then, the terms of his bail have been restricted. He is not able to meet with members of white supremacist organizations or carry firearms.

Rittenhouse's next court date has not been shared.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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