Florida Trans Woman Killed In Her Home, Police Looking For Killer

Alexus Braxton, a 45 year-old trans woman was found dead in her Miami, Florida home on February 4. Local authorities are searching for her killer as they describe the attack that claimed Alexus’ life as “violent and vicious.” 

“The family was left with no closure, and they’re suffering tremendously because of the death and the manner in which our victim was murdered,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Juan Segovia said in a video uploaded to Twitter. 

According to a report by NBC 6 Miami, Alexus’ mother and sister were concerned and went to her apartment to check on her. After noticing something suspicious, they called police who came to the apartment. An officer who arrived on the scene opened the door and made the discovery. 

“Lord have mercy, I never, ever thought it would happen,” Alexus’ mother, Joenita said. 

Police are hoping to identify someone captured in surveillance footage who they believe might have information on the case. 

“Whoever did this, you need to come forward,” Neki, Alexus’ sister said. “You hurting our family. You hurting everyone around us, and we want to know, why, why, why would you do it? What would the reason be for you to do such a crime and do such an act on a beautiful person?”

Alexus’ death is the sixth violent death of a transgendered person this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Last year, was the deadliest for transgender people, according to data collected by the HRC. Black transgender women made up the majority of the victims. 

Local authorities are asking for information and help in the ongoing investigation. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

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