Ahmaud Arbery's Mother Files Civil Rights Lawsuit

Ahmaud Arbery's mother has filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that the men charged in her son's death were working with local law enforcement to cover up evidence.

According to multiple outlets, Wanda Cooper filed the lawsuit against Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William Bryant — the three men charged for the murder of her son — as well as a number of Glynn County police officials, and the county itself on Tuesday (February 23), the one-year anniversary of Ahmaud's death.

She claims in her lawsuit that Ahmaud's civil rights were violated. Wanda cites the events of Feb. 23, 2020, as proof in her claim, as she recalls in the docs, which were obtained by TMZ, that Ahmaud was targeted by the McMichaels and Brynat while out for a jog. She alleges that the three suspects "were deputized" by Glynn County PD, and noted that Greg McMichael "even had a police-issued revolver."

"With those firearms -- including the revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun carried by Travis McMichael -- Wanda claims the men chased Ahmaud down on a 'gut feeling' that he might be involved with recent break-ins in their neighborhood and then murdered him in cold blood," TMZ reported.

The lawsuit additionally claims District Attorney Jackie Johnson, who knew Gregory McMichael personally and later recused herself from the case, "urged law enforcement to not make any arrests," as noted by WSAV. It also mentions District Attorney George Barnhill, who issued a slanderous letter about Ahumud in an attempt to justify his murder and later recused himself from the case.

Ahmaud's mom alleges multiple causes of action including excessive force, conspiracy to violate Ahmaud's civil rights, conspiracy to obstruct justice, a failure to properly train officers, and several others, according to TMZ.

She's reportedly seeking at least a million dollars in damages.

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