Small Business Spotlight: Roddy Ricch Shows Love To Trap Kitchen

Over the last ten years, it is hard to tell the story of Los Angeles, Hip-Hop culture and cuisine without talking about Trap Kitchen. Put together by childhood best friends, Chef Spank and Sous Chef News, the Trap Kitchen business was driven by their desire to change their lives and improve their community. Over time, their work has led them to The Breakfast Club, Forbes, Vibe, Billboard and The Huffington Post. Los Angeles natives such as James Davis, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar have also shown love to the booming food business. With Roddy Ricch taking the virtual Living Black stage, it only made sense that he would highlight Trap Kitchen.

"Trap Kitchen started out as a social media underground restaurant and it is turning into one of the biggest culinary brands in the world. We're spreading unity. I'm a Blood. He's a Crip. We're just showing people that you can be from the other side of the tracks and still come together to make money and do something good," Chef Spank said.

"We're trying to change the narrative that the media and news puts out about Bloods and Crips or anybody that comes from urban cities or the ghetto. You can supersede what they say," Chef News added.

Trap Kitchen continues to grow with the support of those across the country. The brand has now expanded to Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta and other parts of California. Chef News and Chef Spank have also opened up a stationary location in Portland, Oregon. Through it all, both chefs remain committed to providing "five-star meals without the five-star prices."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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