FBI Report Finds White Supremacists 'Seek Affiliation' With Law Enforcement

Agents and analysts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in San Antonio, Texas have shared some alarming, yet not surprising, news. A recent report from the FBI has shown that white supremacists "seek affiliation" with law enforcement.

Obtained by ABC News, the report focuses on a publication called Siege that was inspired by the neo-Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division. The FBI also obtained information from public records and their own informants. Ultimately, the report earned the following title: Siege-Inspired Actors Very Likely Seek Military and Law Enforcement Affiliation, Increasing Risk of Tradecraft Proliferation and Color of Law Offenses in the FBI San Antonio Area of Responsibility.

"In the long term, FBI San Antonio assesses [racially motivated violent extremists] successfully entering military and law enforcement careers almost certainly will gain access to non-public tradecraft and information, enabling them to enhance operational security and develop new tactics in and beyond the FBI San Antonio," the report stated.

The report comes as no surprise to those researching the matter over the last few months. Recently, former FBI special agent Michael German wrote an extensive report that indicated white supremacists were linked to law enforcement in states like Alabama, Connecticut, Oregon, California, Virginia, Florida and Illinois. These reports have concerned residents and elected officials alike.

"When we asked the FBI last year to testify about white supremacists executing plans to infiltrate law enforcement entities across America, the bureau refused and told us it had no evidence that racist infiltration was a problem," Rep. Jamie Raskin said.

"Now, the January insurrection -- and the growing evidence of off-duty law enforcement officers being involved in the attack on Congress -- and this newly-leaked report confirm in my mind that the FBI's failure to level with the American people about organized racist infiltration of law enforcement is having dangerous and deadly consequences."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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