Terrence J Partners With First Boulevard Bank To Boost Financial Literacy

Terrence J has always been proud to share that he built his foundation for success at North Carolina A&T University. Having launched businesses and interviewed the world's biggest celebrities, he is stepping back on the yard to give back to those who believed in him as a young student. The North Carolina A&T graduate has partnered with Black-owned neobank, First Boulevard, to launch a "Project Tassels" initiative. Through this program, 1,000 HBCU students will learn the ins and outs of financial literacy while building generational wealth for their families and communities.

“I wasn’t entirely knowledgeable about the importance of financial literacy while attending North Carolina A&T State University, or even at the beginning of my career,” Terrence J said.

“Had I known then what I know now about wealth building, I would’ve taken small steps to better manage my finances sooner. With Project Tassels, helping 1,000 students get the degree they’ve earned will add an additional $1B to circulate within the Black community. It’s a great start, but to really change the game, I’m challenging other organizations to join us.”

First Boulevard is joining Terrence J as he embarks on this endeavor. It is one of few Black-owned banks in the country and they hope that this initiative will inspire other large financial institutions to do the same.

“Terrence J has shown a commitment to the advancement of Black America’s youth for years and we couldn’t be more excited to add him to our growing team of advisors and partners. Through his work with Project Tassels, Terrence J will help over 1,000 people gain a new lease on life and with a focus on financial education, he’ll also make a significant impact on HBCU students by providing modern day financial tips to avoid the debt trap and reach their goals," First Boulevard President and CEO Donald Hawkins said.

First Boulevard is not just stopping here. The Black-owned neobank has also partnered with Gabrielle Union and Autozone CFO Jamere Jackson. Later this year, they will also unveil a Visa debit card that will provide 15% back to those who purchase from Black-owned businesses. Altogether, this is a win for Black communities across the country.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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