Darren Cole Sues Chicago Police After Being Wrongfully Stopped 60 Times

Chicago resident Darren Cole has decided to sue his local police force after enduring more than a decade of harassment. Cole's primary dispute with the police force is its refusal to correct a simple issue in its database. Apparently, there is a man with an open warrant for driving with a suspended license who shares the same name and birthdate as Cole. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, this issue started in 2006 and the police force has not corrected it in over a decade. As a result, Cole has been stopped, harassed and allegedly abused by police officers in the city more than 50 times over the years. Cole even says that one officer pointed a gun at him during a case of mistaken identity. After years and years of this behavior, Cole has taken his grievances to a court of law.

“Mr. Cole has pleaded with CPD officials to correct their records to reflect that he is not the Darren Cole with the outstanding warrant,” the lawsuit states.

“CPD and City officials have ignored Mr. Cole’s pleas and further ignored his counsel’s efforts to resolve this matter without resorting to litigation. The abuse and harassment Mr. Cole experiences at the hands of CPD has had a devastating impact on his personal and professional life and has instilled in him a fear of being harassed whenever he leaves his home.”

Over the years, Cole has had to adjust his way of life. He has purposely avoided police checkpoints and worked to be off the roads by sundown. By bringing this issue to light, he hopes that he can one day return to normal life.

“It hurts so bad to talk about it now. My voice is shivery right now,” he said.

“I’m very scared. I’m a grown man and I got a curfew. I have to be in the house early. This right here, I’m traumatized.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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