Five Ways To Keep Your COVID-19 Vaccine Record Safe

As the US ramps up vaccination efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic, some experts are providing a few tips for handling paperwork related to getting the vaccine.

Vaccine distribution across the country has increased in recent weeks following the passage of the American Rescue Plan which included funding for expanding COVID-19 vaccine access, among other pandemic-related provisions. 

More than 12 states have opened up COVID-19 vaccine access to all adults over the age of 16, meaning there are more people getting official paperwork that shows they’ve gotten protection against the virus.  

The CDC-issued card most people receive upon receiving their vaccine doesn’t fit most wallets and since it's made out of paper, some office retailers like OfficeMax, Office Depot, and Staples are offering free lamination. Some states are giving out their own version of a vaccine card, according to a report by MarketWatch, and as more people get vaccinated, venues like sporting arenas, schools, and some offices may require you show your card before entering. 

Here are five things to do before getting your vaccination card laminated, and how to keep it safe. 

Double-Check Your Information Is Listed Correctly On Your Card

Before getting it laminated, make sure that any information listed on the card, like your name, and birthdate, are correct. Dr. Arthur Caplan, director of NYU Langone’s Division of Medical Ethics told MarketWatch having the correct vaccine listed on your card is also important. 

“At your first appointment, if anything looks wrong, make sure they write down the right information before you leave,” Caplan told the outlet. 

Ask Where The Record of Your Vaccination Is Going To Be Kept

“You want to know where this information is being recorded digitally, in case you lose your card,” Caplan said. If someone at the vaccination site can’t tell you where the record will be kept, check your state’s health department information system. 

Make Copies Of Your Card

If you’re able to, snap a picture of both sides of your vaccination card, and email the pictures to yourself. Emergency physician Dr. Leana Wen suggested getting hard copies of both sides of your vaccination record, too. “When it comes to something like your COVID vaccination, you want to have this documentation at your fingertips,” Wen told the outlet. “That’s why having multiple copies of it available in different ways is a wise choice.”

Dr. Wen also suggested putting photos of the card in your “Favorite” album on your phone. 

Wait Until The Second Dose To Get Your Card Laminated

If you’re getting a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, health officials recommend waiting until the second shot is administered. Some experts told MarketWatch that if you need a booster shot for the vaccine down the line, you’ll probably get a new card, but that medical guidelines change.  

Let Your Doctor And Family Know You’ve Been Vaccinated

Health professionals told MarketWatch it’s a good idea to let people in your life know that you’ve received the vaccine against COVID-19. This might be especially important in case of an emergency. 

To keep your vaccination card safe, some places have already started selling lanyards and sleeves to keep it safe. If it does get damaged, however, the report suggested contacting the place where you got vaccinated to get your record and get a replacement card. 

Health officials also recommend keeping your card in a safe place with other important documents like a passport or birth certificate. 

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