Biden Announces All Adults Will Be Eligible For COVID Vaccine By April 19


President Joe Biden has announced that he expects all adults in the United States will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by April 19. During Biden's first prime-time address as President, he said he was urging states to make all adults eligible by May 1. Last week, he said that he expects about 90% of the country to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines and be able to get them within five miles of their home.

President Biden will set the new deadline after he visits a vaccination site in Alexandria, Virginia.

About a dozen states have already opened up the coronavirus vaccines to all residents over the age of 16, and most states have already announced plans to make them available by April 19. Only Oregon and Hawaii have not publically announced plans to open up eligibility by that date.

He is also expected to tout the success of the country's vaccine rollout, which has seen over 150 million doses administered since he took office. He set a goal of administering 200 million shots during his first 100 days. The U.S. vaccinated over four million people in a 24-hour period over the weekend.

As of April 5, over 161 million doses have been administered, and more than 62 million people are fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Photo: Getty Images

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