Black Lawmakers Push President Joe Biden To Deliver On Promises

President Joe Biden met with a group of Black lawmakers seeking to hold him accountable for promises he made along the campaign trail. Rep. James Clyburn, Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Raphael Warnock, Rep. Joyce Beatty, Vice President Kamala Harris and several other lawmakers attended the meeting.

"We're in the business, all of us meeting today, to deliver some real change,” President Joe Biden told a group of reporters in the Oval Office.

“Every single aspect of our government including every agency has a primary focus of dealing with equity. It’s not a joke.”

During the meeting, Biden and members of the Congressional Black Caucus discussed a number of different topics including economic advancement and infrastructure. Adding on, members of the CBC pressed Biden on the creation of an internal domestic policy leadership team with policy co-chairs that would focus on improving Black communities. Not to mention, the group also wanted the President to work on strengthening voting rights in light of what has transpired in Texas and Georgia.

“If we don’t get provisions in place, if we don’t protect this democracy, then none of what we’re talking about can happen,” Beatty said.

Later in the meeting, the meeting turned toward improving access to the COVID-19 vaccine for marginalized communities.

“It’s transportation, it’s distribution and access,” Beatty explained.

“We want to dispel this whole idea of hesitancy. People should get out and get vaccinated.”

Walking away from the Oval Office, Rep. Joyce Beatty called the meeting "amazing."

“We were able to share our thoughts and ideas but we also came because we know there will be challenges,” Beatty added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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