Conservative Televangelist Pat Robertson Doesn't Buy Kim Potter's Defense

Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson has not made any friends in the past due to his inflammatory rhetoric. From his comments about the 2010 Haiti earthquake to adultery, Robertson has made a name for himself as both an offensive and antagonistic personality in American media. Given his previous comments, his thoughts on the recent killing of Daunte Wright surprised many.

During a recent interview, Robertson said that he had a hard time buying former officer Kim Potter's defense that she confused her gun for a taser. The televangelist said there's "no comparison" for the two weapons that are different colors and vary in weight.

“There’s just no comparison," Robertson said.

“[Potter] shot that poor guy to death and if you can’t tell the difference between those two things, it’s crazy.”

As the conversation went forward, it expanded from the Wright shooting to a number of police killings across the country. Robertson seemingly suggested that there be a restructuring of how police forces work in America.

“I am pro-police, folks," he continued.

“I think we need the police, we need their service, and they do a good job. But if they don’t stop this onslaught...they cannot do this!”

Roberton's plan to improve the police force would be to pay officers more. He believes that increasing pay will lead to more qualified candidates.

“We don’t have the finest in the police department. They’re low-paid people," he explained.

“We cannot have a bunch of clowns running around who are underpaid and who really are not the best and brightest. We’ve got to have the best in there.”

Given Roberton's history and ideologies, many were shocked to hear him say the things that Black activists have been stating for decades with little to no recognition. However, there were some that needed to hear Robertson go a step further in condemning racism before engaging with him.

"Folks are more impressed by Pat Robertson than I am. I don’t see someone condemning racism. I see someone condemning cops for acting so outrageously that they’ve caused destabilization for the racist system," grassroots organizer Bree Newsome tweeted.

"Pat Robertson is not the first person to tell the boys they’re going just a bit too far with it and to reel it back in a little bit."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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