Colorado Judges Resigns After Using N-Word Multiple Times

A judge in Colorado agreed to resign after using the N-word multiple times with a coworker while on the job. 

On Friday (April 16), the Colorado Supreme Court censured Arapahoe County District Judge Natalie T. Chase for using the N-word multiple times with a coworker and for several incidents where Chase was accused of being “racially insensitive.” 

According to court documents, Chase, who is white, asked a Black family court facilitator why Black people were allowed to use the N-word and white people weren’t, and if using the N-word with an ‘er’ was different from using the N-word that ends with an ‘a.’ Chase used the full word multiple times in that one conversation, the documents state, according to a report by CBS News

After this, Chase went on to tell a group of coworkers, some of whom were Black, that she disapproved of Black NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem and would be boycotting the Super Bowl. 

After the death of George Floyd last year, Chase weighed in on the Black Lives Matter Movement, and said she believes “all lives matter.” The documents also show that Chase stated “the conduct of the police officers in the George Floyd matter should be investigated.”

Through all of these incidents, the court said Chase violated four different judicial rules. The Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline Case offered its recommendation to condemn Chase, and her resignation was requested by the court. 

Chase didn’t deny the incidents but said she did “not intend any racial animus,” but understood how her comments violated the rule which mandates judges to behave in a way “that promotes public confidence in the judiciary.” CBS Denver reported that the Colorado Supreme Court accepted her resignation over the weekend. 

Photo: Getty Images

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