Almost Half of Republicans Say Chauvin Verdict Was Wrong: Survey

New survey data shows the political divide in opinion of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. 

A poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov found that 46 percent of Republicans felt that the jurors in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer were wrong, compared to 10 percent of Democrats. 

The poll surveyed 2,527 and found that most Americans, three out of four, overall felt that the verdict was the right one. 

Chauvin was found guilty last week (April 20) on all three charges in the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

Across racial lines, the poll found that most Black and white people shared the view that the verdict was the right choice. Among the Black people surveyed, 93 percent said the verdict was the right decision while 70 percent of white people felt the same way. Thirty percent of white people felt that decision to convict Chauvin was wrong, despite video evidence, eye witness accounts, and medical expert testimonies.  

The survey also asked participants how they felt President Joe Biden handled the death of George Floyd and Chauvin’s trial. Most of the participants, 60 percent approved of Biden’s handling, while 40 percent disapproved.

The survey also found that more Americans agree with the tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement, with 48 percent agreeing with the group’s ideas.

When asked about the job of their local police departments, survey participants said overall they're doing a “somewhat good” job. Thirty percent of Black people surveyed said their local police are doing a “somewhat/very bad” job, while 53 percent said local police are doing “somewhat good.” Thirty-nine percent of white people said their local police departments are doing “very good” jobs, while 18 percent said police are doing a bad job. 

The murder of George Floyd set off global protests against police violence and structural change and highlighted the nation’s continued racial tensions and racist roots. 

Though the conviction of Chauvin was a relief to those watching the trial, convictions of police officers who kill are rare. Additionally, police in Columbus, Ohio fatally shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant the same day the guilty verdict came in for Chauvin’s trial, underlining the work ahead in getting change for communities across the nation. 

Photos: Getty Images

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