Joy-Ann Reid Claps Back After Tucker Carlson Calls Her The 'Race Lady'

In recent weeks, MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid and FOX News Host Tucker Carlson have been going at it through the media. Things kicked off when Reid told viewers that she feels more comfortable when she wears a face mask in crowded places during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Carlson devoted a piece of his show toward responding to Reid's fears.

"The vaccine is now universally available," Carlson said.

"Anyone can get it, but because some people have chosen not to get the vaccine, the rest of us must continue to live as if we haven't gotten the vaccine either."

Things escalated when Carlson pivoted from criticizing Reid's decision to commenting on more personal matters. He began referring to her as the "race lady" and mocking her Harvard degree.

"Here's the race lady from MSNBC finally putting her Harvard degree to work. It's simple, she said — just charge people who don't get the vaccine with felonies," Carlson added.

After repeatedly referring to her as the race lady, Reid took time out of her show to fire back at the FOX News host.

“At least three times in last month, Tucker Carlson took time off from badgering strangers in parks and bouncy houses to demand they show him their children’s unmasked faces to refer to moi as the ‘race lady’!” Reid started.

“‘The race lady’? Why’d he call me that? I used to run track in high school but honestly, I’m not that fast. What else could it be? Hmm.”

Reid then began to insinuate that his girlfriend's father helped him get into college and revisited his college yearbook controversy. From there, she explained that Carlson once supported the white supremacist "Great Replacement" theory and pointed out that lawyers from FOX News argued that he shouldn't be taken seriously.

“The reason I continue to mask up in crowded spaces is that I don’t know how many people in those crowds I’m jogging around heard about the court case where your bosses said your show wasn’t news,” Reid continued.

“And I don’t trust [that the] people who are listening to you, Tuckums, are taking precautions against COVID rather than freaking out about a piece of cloth and busting into Target to cough on all the cereal boxes like they’re 17th-century colonizers touting measles blankets with them!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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