Meghan Markle Reveals The Release Date For Her First Children's Book

Meghan Markle has announced that her first children's book, The Bench, will be released on June 8. Released through Random House Children's Books, The Bench inspired by the bond between Prince Harry and their son, Archie. Markle also said that the story will showcase the "warmth, joy, and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons from all walks of life." She added that the book will feature "beautiful and ethereal watercolor illustrations."

"This representation was particularly important to me, and Christian and I worked closely to depict this special bond through an inclusive lens," the former actress stated.

"My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the makeup, as much as it does with mine."

Random House Children's Books is equally excited about the upcoming release. The major publisher described the book as innovative and evolutionary.

"[The Bench] captures the evolving and expanding relationship between fathers and sons and reminds us of the many ways that love can take shape and be expressed in a modern family," Random House Children's Books explained.

Markle's book adds to a string of major releases in the children's literary space. Reigning NBA Champion LeBron James is also releasing a book this summer. Co-written by Andrea Williams, We Are Family follows five kids from different backgrounds as they work to succeed on the basketball court.

"We Are Family shows how an unlikely group of kids comes together to chase their dreams, despite having the odds stacked against them. It’s an important story of family, purpose and perseverance in the face of adversity that I hope inspires everyone who reads it to never stop dreaming and believing in what they’re capable of," James said about his new book.

His second children's book will arrive on August 31.

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