At Least Nine Mass Shootings Reported In One Weekend Across The US

At least nine mass shootings were reported over the weekend in cities around the country. According to CNN, officials have reported 15 people were killed and at least 30 people were injured during the shootings. 

“Words fall short to describe the tragedy that took place this morning,” Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski said in a statement. “From the officers who responded to the shooting to the investigators still on scene, we are all left incredibly shaken.” A gunman in Colorado Springs opened fire on a family birthday party which left six people dead. Police say the suspected gunman is believed to be a boyfriend of one of the victims is also dead. 

Shootings in which at least four people were killed or wounded by gunfire took place in Phoenix, Arizona, Woodlawn, Maryland, Los Angeles, Compton, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Newark, New Jersey, and St. Louis, Missouri

CNN compiled local reports from at least seven cities and analyzed data from Gun Violence Archive. 

Analysis of gun violence data shows that rates are increasing and have been up for more than a year. Between January 1 and April 26 of this year, NBC News reported 160 mass shootings have occurred in the US. That’s up from 90 mass shootings during the same time frame last year, and almost twice the average for the same period every year since 2014. 

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden signed executive orders on gun control, and the House passed a gun reform bill, though the legislation has not passed in the Senate. 

Photo: Getty Images

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