Rep. Val Demings To Run For Florida Senate Seat Against Sen. Marco Rubio

Rep. Val Demings is reportedly planning to run for a seat in the United States Senate. The U.S. Representative will campaign against former presidential candidate Marco Rubio for one of Florida's two seats in the United States Senate.

“I would’ve supported her running for governor, but this is the right fit for her and for us,” former Florida gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink told POLITICO.

“She’s going to draw a contrast between who she is and how she represents Florida vs. Marco Rubio, who a lot of people where I live never see him.”

As Sink pointed out, Demings was once considered a potential gubernatorial candidate in the state of Florida. She was also rumored to be a potential running mate for President Joe Biden during the last presidential election.

Demings has made her way through the world of politics at a gradual pace. From 2007 through 2011, Demings worked as the chief of the Orlando Police Department. After leaving the police force, she attempted to run for congress and mayor of Orange County. After two failed political campaigns, she earned a seat in the House of Representatives in 2017. Most recently, Demings served as an impeachment manager during the first impeachment trial for Donald Trump. Since then, she's stepped into a new role as the First Lady of Orange County after her husband, Jerry, was elected mayor.

If Demings were to be successful in next year's election, she would become the only Black woman to serve in the Senate. Previously, Kamala Harris was the only Black woman working in the Senate and one of only two Black female Senators in U.S. history. Overall, she would be one of only three Black senators at the moment.

Demings is expected to formally announce her campaign in the coming months. The election is set for November 2022.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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