Family Of Matthew Williams Files Petition After Police Shot And Killed Him

The family of Matthew "Zadok" Williams launched a justice petition in the wake of his shooting death by police in Decatur, Georgia last month. Officers responded to a 911 call placed by Williams’ neighbor on April 12, that falsely claimed Williams was trying to burglarize his own home. Officers shot and killed Williams after they say he threatened them with a knife. 

Williams’ family says officers “left him to die” and did not render medical aid that could’ve saved his life. 

“Such an egregious disregard for my brother’s life speaks to the culture of policing in DeKalb County and across the country,” Matthew’s sister, Hannah Williams, said in a Color of Change Campaign statement. “Police officers are rarely held accountable for killing, harassing and assaulting Black people and my family is committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that these officers are held accountable and that other families in DeKalb County don’t have to endure what we have had to go through.”

Williams’ family has continuously asserted that Matthew was experiencing a mental health crisis at the time of the police encounter.

The petition calls on police officials to release all media related to Matthew’s killing. “This includes but is not limited to 911 call recordings, transcripts, and medical examiner reports.” They’ve also called for the termination of the officers involved and the release of their names and records with the police department. 

A funeral service was held for Matthew on April 24. His family and friends described the 35-year-old as industrious, generous and a pillar of their family. 

Photo: Getty Images

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