Russell Simmons Files Lawsuit Against Kimora Lee Simmons, Alleges Fraud

In a newly filed lawsuit, music mogul Russell Simmons accused ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons of fraud. According to reports, Russells Simmons claims Kimora took his shares of Celsius energy drink stock to bail her new husband, Tim Leissner, out of jail. 

In 2018, Leissner pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and commit money laundering. According to Simmons, Kimora and her husband knew that Leissner would need $44 million to cover bond and victim restitution.

In the lawsuit, Simmons alleges that Kimora and Leissner “conspired with each other, aided and abetted each other and together engaged in fraud by causing an unlawful conversion and fraudulent transfer” of his shares of the company without him knowing or giving permission.

The Blast reported that the former couple made an investment in the company in the tens of millions of dollars. The lawsuit said it was Simmons’ accountant team who made the discovery of “substantial unexplained change” in his Celsius stock. Russell wants his shares back.

Russell and Kimora split in 2009 after 11 years of marriage. 

Russell has faced his own legal battles in recent years after multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual assault and misconduct.

Photo: Getty Images

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