NBA Social Justice Coalition Pushes For Police Reform With George Floyd Act

One year after the death of George Floyd, the push for police reform continues. While the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act will not pass on May 25 as many had hoped, members of the NBA Social Justice Coalition are calling for its passage in the coming weeks. To honor the one-year anniversary of Floyd's death, the coalition issued a public statement regarding police reform in the United States.

"Today, as this painful anniversary approaches, we have an opportunity to honor the memory of Mr. Floyd and others who have been victims of police brutality in this country by passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Systemic problems demand systemic solutions. And, because police actions are governed by a diverse array of state laws and local policies, the Floyd Act takes unprecedented strides towards consistency -- reforming at a federal level the practices that failed its namesake," the statement reads.

"As members of the NBA family, we will continue to use our influence to support common-sense policy reform in our communities across the nation so that equal justice is afforded to all."

The NBA Social Justice Coalition was not the only group of professional athletes to issue a statement on the one-year anniversary of Floyd's death. The Women's National Basketball Players Association also issued a statement.

"America has a serious problem when it comes to discriminatory policing," the WNBPA added.

"It is a deadly problem for Black and brown people. Excessive force used against communities of color is past crisis level. Excessive force used against communities of color demands action by Congress."

The world of soccer has also joined the NBA and WNBA in calling for police reform. An organization of professional soccer players known as Black Players For Change has joined the NBA Social Justice Coalition in calling for change.

"[The NBPA] communicating that to us, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate because I just think it's the most meaningful thing that we can do in memory of George Floyd," Toronto FC Defender Justin Morrow said.

"Pass some real reform that's going to change [things]."

While the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act will not pass today, it is expected to pass in the coming weeks. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is set to remain in Washington, D.C. this week and work with Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker to reform this bill.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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