Texas Democrats Block Voting Restriction Law, Gear Up For Long Fight Ahead

Democratic lawmakers walked out of the state legislature late Sunday (May 30) to block a vote on a Republican-sponsored voting restriction law. The walkout meant there was no quorum and no final vote on Senate Bill 7. Governor Greg Abbott took to social media to threaten those who participated in the demonstration with no pay. 

“No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities,” he wrote on Twitter. “Stay tuned.”

Under the bill, early voting would be scaled back, drive-through voting would be banned and elected voting officials who send unsolicited mail-in ballot applications could face felony charges. Advocates say the bill disproportionately impacts voters of color and is similar to legislation passed in Georgia and Florida.

While Democrats in Texas blocked the legislation from getting a final vote, Republicans control both chambers of the state’s governing body. Abbott and other Republicans have vowed to hold a special session to get the bill passed, but not without a fight.

“This is Texas, this is the Alamo,” State Rep. John Bucy III said during a news conference Monday (May 31), The New York Times reported. “We will do everything we can to stop voter suppression.” 

“I’m asking Joe Biden, you need to help Texas,” State Rep. Michelle Beckley said. “We have done everything we can. The Democratic senators, you need to pass the voter bills.” 

Stacey Abrams, Bernie Sanders and others voiced their support for the state legislators' actions, while amplifying calls to pass federal voting protection.

Photo: Getty Images 

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