Live From Hard Rock Stadium: Round-By-Round Results Of Mayweather-Paul

If we could take you to Hard Rock Stadium with us, we would. The energy in Miami, Florida has been electric all week and it has only elevated on fight night. Tonight, four fights have been put together to compromise the main card. First up, former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson is gearing up to make his pro boxing debut against a fellow boxing newcomer, Brian Maxwell. Then, former super welterweight titlist Jarrett Hurd will look to inch toward another title fight by taking on Florida's own Luis Arias. Just before Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul step inside the squared circle of truth, Badou Jack will take his chances in a light heavyweight showdown with undefeated prospect Dervin Colina. Headling the night's unpredictable madness, Mayweather Jr. is expected to demolish YouTube sensation Logan Paul. Will he win his second exhibition in three years or will Paul pull off the upset of a lifetime? Let's see what boxing's elite have to say about that.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most polarizing figures in the sport of boxing. Logan Paul is also one of the more polarizing figures in entertainment. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a number of boxing stars would weigh-in on the potential outcome. In the weeks leading up to the fight, super middleweight champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, lightweight champion Ryan Garcia and several other stars have weighed in on the fight. Here are just a few predictions that caught our attention.

Boxer: Roy Jones Jr.

Credentials: Former Four-Division Boxing Champion

Prediction: Mayweather By Knockout

Boxer: Mike Tyson

Credentials: Former Heavyweight Champion

Prediction: Mayweather By Knockout

Boxer: Shannon Briggs

Credentials: Former Heavyweight Champion

Prediction: Logan Paul By Decision

Main Card

Yes, the majority of media attention has centered around Mayweather-Paul. However, there are a few fights on the main card that have real-world implications. Light heavyweight contender Badou Jack was set to take on Jean Pascal in an attempt to avenge the most recent loss in his career. Unfortunately, Jack failed a drug test and was disqualified. At the 11th hour, Dervin Colina stepped up and took the challenge. If Pascal hopes to regain the WBA light heavyweight title, he needs this win. Elsewhere, Jarrett Hurd is also looking to rebound after losing the WBA super welterweight title in 2019. He's fought once since that loss, but he remained inactive largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If he's going to contend with the best of the best in the 154-pound division, he needs a win as well. Rounding out the main event, Chad Johnson is looking to take a big risk by entering a boxing ring for the first fight.

Fight List

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, exhibition

Badou Jack vs. Dervin Colina, light heavyweight

Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias, junior middleweight

Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell, exhibition

Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell

Rounds: Four

Type: Exhibition

Division: Light Heavyweight

Prediction: Brian Maxwell is not a highly touted mixed martial artist. In fact, he's suffered two first-round knockout losses in his pro career. With that said, he does know how to square up and throw a combination in a professional fight. For that reason, I'd predict he'd come out on top. With that said, this is an exhibition with no official judges.

Post-Fight Analysis: Maxwell proved to be a great test for Johnson. Like Johnson, he wasn't an established boxer, but he did know how to put together his punches. Johnson controlled the distance for the first three rounds and was successful in making Maxwell miss early in the fight. Through three rounds, it appeared that Maxwell would cruise to an unofficial victory, but Maxwell caught Johnson with a right hand and put him down. Fortunately, Johnson was able to get up and finish out the fight.

Result: N/A - Exhibitions Do Not Have Official Results

Jarrett Hurd vs. Luis Arias

Rounds: Ten

Type: Professional

Division: Middleweight

Prediction: Jarrett Hurd should win this fight. Ultimately, I believe Hurd will win this fight, but it won't be easy. He's coming off a long layoff and he's fighting in a different weightclass than he's accustomed to. Topping it all of, he's fighting with a heavy heart. His father, Fred Hurd Sr., passed away less than three months ago. Those familiar with the Hurd family know that Jarrett Hurd initially did not want to box, but his father convinced him to stick with it. Thankfully, he did and he became a world titlist. Fighting with that kind of pain can either make or break a fighter. Hopefully, it pushes Hurd to fight with an undeniable will to win.

Post-Fight Analysis: Hurd has a pathway to victory by using his reach to control the distance and land his jab. Instead, Arias pressed the action and fought off of Hurd's chest. On the inside, Arias was able to land overhand rights and left uppercuts throughout the fight. Rain delays definitely played a factor by providing Arias moments to catch his breath when he was getting hurt. However, Arias was able to push through and win the fight by simply being the busier fighter.

Result: Luis Arias def. Jarrett Hurd (Split Decision)

Rounds: Ten

Type: Professional

Division: Light Heavyweight

Prediction: Badou Jack was poised to make the jump up from light heavyweight to cruiserweight when he got the call to fight Jean Pascal. Pascal had beaten Jack by split decision to win the WBA light heavyweight title in a fight that many believed he lost. Eager to avenge his most recent loss, Jack jumped at the opportunity. Then, Pascal tested positive for not one, not two, not three, but four banned substances. Only hours before the fight, undefeated light heavyweight prospect Dervin Colina stepped up to take the challenge. At 33 years old, he felt it would be the last opportunity to get on this big of a stage. Jack enters the ring disappointed and Colina enters with nothing to lose. Jack is the far superior fighter, but he is getting up there in age. In the end, I believe Jack will start slow, but finish strong enough to win by decision or late stoppage.

Post-Fight Analysis: Badou Jack looked sloppy early on, but part of that may have been due to the continued holding from Colina. In the end, Jack looked impressive and sharp. However, it's hard to judge his performance when facing lesser competition. He is looking to move up to cruiserweight and compete for a world title in a third division. If he's successful, he could put himself in a rare category of boxers.

Result: Badou Jack def. Dervin Colina (Knockout, 4th Round)

Rounds: Eight

Type: Exhibition

Division: N/A

Prediction: I'm not sure if a prediction is necessary, but here it is. A fight will take place and barring an act from God, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will win it. That's all I've got for you.

Post-Fight Analysis: Floyd Mayweather Jr. was cautious in the beginning. Knowing he was fighting a larger man, he took his time to feel his opponent out. Eventually, Floyd Maywather Jr. managed to work his way into a grove. During the third and fourth rounds of the exhibition, Mayweather Jr. was on fire. Landing shots to the head and body, it appeared that Mayweather Jr. would finish the fight early. To Paul's credit, he clinched and held his way through tough spots like a knowledgeable fighter. Paul also did a fair job of using his reach in the later rounds. While Paul didn't exactly win any rounds, he held his own and finished the fight.

Result: N/A - Exhibitions Do Not Have Official Results

Post Fight Press Conference