The Black Hair Experience Arrives In The DMV

The Black Hair Experience pop-up museum is now in the DMV after premiering in Atlanta. The museum features more than 25 Instagram-worthy exhibits that celebrate Black women and our hair, bringing nostalgic childhood hair moments to life. 

Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Austin Davis co-founded the museum, fusing their photography and graphic design talents to create the experience. The longtime friends expanded their creation to the DMV area after getting numerous requests.

“We kept getting all kinds of comments and emails saying ‘Where are you going next?’ and believe it or not the DMV was our most requested area,” Brooks said.

Maryland recently put anti-hair discrimination legislation on the book after its passed the CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair). The museum’s message, that all Black hair is beautiful, coincides with the latest protections provided to Black people in the workplace. 

“This message is something that still is relevant today and we really wanted to impact this area,” Brooks explained. The museum, the co-founders explained, is a safe space for Black women to honor their hair journeys. 

“I think no matter where you are in your hair journey there is something in our exhibit for you,” Davis said. “Even celebrating that our hair should be celebrated in the workplace in the ‘My hair is no unprofessional’ exhibit. We really wanted to target things that were meaningful and that could connect us.”  

The Black Hair Experience is located in the National Harbor in Prince George County and is open to the public Thursday to Sunday. Tickets can be purchased online for $32. 

Photo: Getty Images

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