An Entire Police Riot Team Quit After One Of Its Officers Was Indicted

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On Thursday (June 17) an entire team within the Portland Police force quit after one of their fellow officers was indicted. The Portland Police Bureau announced its Rapid Response Team left the voluntary squad after officer Corey Budworth was indicted Tuesday (June 15) on fourth-degree assault stemming from a protest last summer.  

Budworth was accused of hitting a woman, who was identified as an activist photographer Terri Jacobs, in the head with a baton during a protest last August, according to ABC News.

Jacobs filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Portland and reportedly received a $50,000 settlement for the physical injuries sustained during the protest.  

Budworth’s actions against Jacobs were captured on video which appears to show Budworth pushing Jacobs to the ground before striking her in the head with a baton. 

“She had a press badge around her neck and she wanted to document what was happening,” Jacobs’ attorney Juan Chavez said, adding that his client was attempting to help a friend that was being pinned down by officers.

“As she was getting away, Officer Budworth came up from behind her, hit her behind the head and knocked her to the ground. And as she turned around and looked up he hit her in the face and then walked away,” Chavez said.  

According to The Oregonian, officer Corey Budworth’s indictment marks the first time a Portland police officer has been prosecuted for hitting or firing at someone during a protest. He was placed on administrative leave after his indictment, prompting the 50-member Rapid Response Team to quit the voluntary post, though the officers will remain on regular duties on the police force. 

Chavez said Jacobs is grateful the district attorney moved forward with the charges against Budworth. “I think it shows both the power of independent media to capture these, and bring them to light,” he said. “I hope it highlights for a lot of folks this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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