Twitter Roasts Trump After He Refers To Black Americans As 'The Blacks'

Over the course of American history, a number of reporters have written and published books about different U.S. Presidents. However, no administration has spawned as many books as the Trump administration has. In fact one of those books, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, became available for pre-order today. Written by Michael C. Bender of the Wall Street Journal, the book does as the title indicates it will do. It explains how the Trump administration lost an election it could have possibly won.

Bender is still two months away from releasing his work in its entirety, but he decided to give readers a bit of a taste of his writing. In a newly released snippet of his book, Bender explains that Trump was baffled by the lack of support he received from Black voters. As he puts it, he's done "all this stuff" for Black communities from coast to coast.

“I’ve done all this stuff for the Blacks—it’s always Jared telling me to do this,” Trump told one colleague, according to Bender.

"And they all f------ hate me, and none of them are going to vote for me.”

As expected, a number of scholars, journalists and celebrities came out of the woodwork to challenge the notion that Trump did "all this stuff" for Black America. In addition, Trump's use of the phrase, "the Blacks," didn't go over too well either.

Trump didn't exactly have the most support from Black Americans due to a variety of issues. With just a quick Google search, someone could pull up the time he told the Proud Boys to stand by or the time he said there were "good people" on both sides of a violent white nationalist rally. Not to mention, his original "Platinum Plan" for Black voters was less than five pages.

There will likely be more excerpts to come as Bender's book is released on August 10, 2021.

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