White Woman Charged With Hate Crime After Calling 911 On Amazon Driver

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A white woman in California was charged with a hate crime after police say she accosted a Black Amazon driver delivering packages. 

On April 18, police say 35-year-old Julie Walrand followed Kendall McIntosh, a Black Amazon driver who was making deliveries in a Berkeley neighborhood, cornering him and “to prevent escape.” According to reports, Walrand accused the 25-year-old delivery driver of speeding. McIntosh tried to drive away, “but was unable to because Walrand grabbed his steering wheel and hands,” court documents say, per Berkeley Side

Walrand then called 911 and told the operator that the delivery driver was “trying to escape” while screaming curses at the man and calling him a derogatory name. McIntosh got out of his van but feared for his safety after Walrand continued to curse at him. Police wrote in their report that the McIntosh was able to get back in his van and drive away.

Video of the incident captured by Walrand and a witness have not been released to the public. Last week, the Alameda County District Attorney charged Walrand with a hate crime, two counts of battery, and disturbing the peace by offensive language. She’s due back in court on July 1 for arraignment and is no longer in police custody.

Hate crimes have been on the rise in Berkeley, as well as across the country, with a reported 12 incidents taking place this year so far. 

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