North Carolina A&T To Provide Free Textbooks To Students Through 2023

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Anyone that has been to college can tell you that one of their biggest expenses was textbooks. From economics textbooks to literature for history majors, purchasing various books can easily break the bank and get a semester off to a rocky start financially. Fortunately, Barnes & Nobles is working with North Carolina A&T to remedy those issues for students in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In partnership with Barnes & Noble, North Carolina A&T will enroll in the BNC First Day Complete program. Through this program, undergraduate students at the historically Black university will receive free textbooks for two years. Other academic institutions Campbell University and Onondaga Community College have participated in the program since 2019. However, North Carolina A&T is a unique participant in the growing program as it is the first HBCU to take part in it.

“As a graduate of N.C. A&T, I am glad the school is helping college become more affordable for students,” North Carolina A&T graduate David Hendricks III told The Undefeated.

“My brother will be starting his first semester at Aggieland in the fall and this new partnership helps my family a lot. During my time in Greensboro, North Carolina, several of my friends were not able to complete their degrees due to the financial demands of attending a university. With these new steps taking place, I am excited to see many Aggies walk across the stage just like I did about a month ago.”

In addition to providing free textbooks, the BNC First Day Complete program will also financially support students with housing and dining costs. By enrolling in the program, students may save upwards of $2,000 per semester. Adding on, North Carolina A&T is participating in the Federal CARES Act. As a result, the overall cost of attending the university will decrease.

“The university is continuing to make college affordable for its students,” current North Carolina A&T student Janae Baker said.

“Providing free textbooks benefits every student on campus in a multitude of ways. Students who may not buy books will have access, more students will be able to keep their books to refer back instead of renting, and professors will have a better selection of course materials.”

Students will officially begin accessing the benefits of the program on August 18, just in time for the fall semester.

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