Naomi Osaka Invites Fans Into Her Personal Life With A New Netflix Series

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Naomi Osaka has won multiple Grand Slam titles, starred in Nike campaigns and led her own charity. Not to mention, she is a co-chair of of MET Gala and dating a GRAMMY winner. Simply put, she's in the public eye a ton. However, little is known about who Osaka truly is and what her day-to-day life is really like. In an effort to share a bit more with fans, the tennis star has partnered with Academy Award-nominated director Garrett Bradley to develop a three-part documentary series for Netflix.

Ending the holiday weekend, Osaka and Bradley shared a brief teaser for the documentary series. Through Bradley's lens, fans meet Osaka's family and hear her talk openly about her heritage along with the uphill battle she's had in the world of tennis.

“No one really knows all the sacrifices you make,” Osaka says as the trailer opens.

Osaka has been open about her struggle to maintain her mental health in recent weeks. In order to protect herself, she's had to step away from both the French Open and the Australian Open. Through this effort, fans will get to see how she arrived at the place in the life that she's at currently.

“The series is about Naomi’s journey, within a snapshot of her life, but it’s also about life’s purpose, about personal worth, about the courage that it takes to allow one’s personal values to inform their work and vice versa,” Bradley told Variety about the documentary.

“More than anything, I’d hope people can feel the power of empathy and to feel encouraged to take chances in life, perhaps especially in moments where the stakes can feel impossibly high.”

Naomi Osaka will debut on Netflix on July 16. One week later, she will represent Japan in the Tokyo Olympics.

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