FBI To Reexamine Autopsy Of Ronald Greene

Photo: Getty Images

The FBI has announced that it will reexamine the autopsy of Ronald Greene, an unarmed Black man who was chased, dragged and beaten by Louisiana State Police Officers before being pronounced dead in May 2019. Their decision to reexamine the two-year-old killing comes one day after the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus called on the Department of Justice to look into the case.

“The simple fact that Mr. Greene was killed in police custody was a tragedy; the attempts to cover it up and place blame on the victim are shameful,” the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus wrote in a letter to the Department of Justice.

“The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus requests the Department of Justice to investigate the Louisiana State Police and unearth the true roots of these issues so that we may commit to our citizens some measures of safety and protection.”

In addition to reexamining the autopsy, the FBI is also looking to the training records of two officers involved in the chase, Chris Hollingsworth and Dakota DeMoss. Hollingsworth admitted to hitting Greene in the head with a flashlight and was recorded bragging about assaulting Greene. However, he died during a car crash one year after Greene was killed. While he is accused of kneeing and slapping Greene, DeMoss has not publicly admitted any wrongdoing in Greene's death. However, he was let go from the police force for an unrelated incident in May.

“[The FBI] wanted to emphasize to the family that they’re serious this time,” Greene's family attorney, Lee Merritt, said.

“Their new enthusiasm is based on the public pressure that’s come from the release of the videos.”

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