Mother And Son Go Viral After Bringing Seafood Broil Onto Their Flight

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A mother and son went viral last week after a photo showed them eating a seafood broil on a plane. The photo, first shared on Twitter by user @Notsonewlywedpc, quickly circulated, leaving traveling son Kmail Pratt in disbelief. 

“They was just smiling and it was just a lot of positivity, like people was running up taking their photos. We felt like stars,” Pratt told News12 of the March flight the two took to Las Vegas with family. Kmail revealed it was the flight attendant who took the viral photo, but other passengers on board took their own, too. 

Kmail’s mother, Suzie Pratt, also shared that she’s never flown without her seafood broil in tow. 

“I’ve never flew without my seafood… I never had a seafood-less flight,” Suzie Pratt said. “I would bring seafood into water parks for my daughter’s birthday.” 

Online, many people commented on the New Yorkers’ food choice, questioning how the crab legs got past security. 

“TSA lets anybody in with food, it does not matter what your food is,” Kmail said. Suzie Pratt said negative comments about her flying ritual “disturbed her.” 

“‘Ghetto’ was disturbing to me, because nothing about me and my son was ghetto,” she said. “We take pride in being classy. And it was more of a classy thing than anything because I wasn’t even in first class and I turned coach to first class,” she added.

The family aren’t just fans of seafood, they make it for others through their Brooklyn-based business KCLAWS

“I love making seafood, the flavor, the fun… it brings out the happiness in everybody,” Suzie Pratt said. After all of the online buzz, the entrepreneurs hope to be able to cook for Wendy Williams sometime soon.

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