Barack And Michelle Obama To Develop 'Blackout' TV Event For Netflix

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Barack and Michelle Obama's production imprint, Higher Ground, has partnered with Temple Hill Entertainment to develop a new film and television event called Blackout. The project reportedly consists of six love stories happening during the same blackout written by different authors. Thus far, Angie Thomas of The Hate U Give, Dhonielle Clayton of Tiny Pretty Things, Tiffany D. Jackson of Allegedly, Nic Stone of Dear Martin, Ashley Woodfolk of The Beauty That Remains and Nicola Yoon have been tied to the project.

"Six prolific authors have written six Black love stories all taking place during a power outage on a sweltering summer night. From the perspective of 12 teens with six shots of love, Blackout takes place as a heatwave blankets New York City in darkness and causes an electric chaos. When the lights go out and people reveal hidden truths, love blossoms, friendships transform, and all possibilities take flight," the description from Netflix reads.

"An ex-couple must bury their rivalry and walk the length of Manhattan to make it back to Brooklyn in time to kick off a block party. Two girls search for a lost photograph and find something more. Two boys trapped on the subway come face-to-face with their feelings. A pair of best friends stuck in the NYPL and surrounded by love stories figure out if there’s one in their future. A trio of kids on a senior trip take over a double-decker tour bus as they try to have a little fun … and work out their messy love triangle. Two strangers debate the philosophical nature of identity and wonder if they can find something else between them.”

Higher Ground and Temple Hill Entertainment last worked together on Fatherhood on Kevin Hart. The heartwarming tale debuted on the streaming platform. There is no word as to when their next project will arrive on Netflix.

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