Breonna Taylor’s Family Attorneys Hired By Family Of Ta’Neasha Chappell

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The family of Ta’Neasha Chappell has hired the legal team representing Breonna Taylor’s family, WLKY reported. Chappell was found dead Friday (July 16) while in custody at an Indiana jail and her family says they have received few answers about what happened to the 23-year-old. 

According to reports, Chappell had been detained at the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown, Indiana since May 26 after state police arrested her on shoplifting charges and allegedly leading police on a multi-county chase. Chappell’s family said she called them with concerns about other inmates at the jail. 

“First and foremost, she had got into an altercation where they sliced her neck,” Ta’Neasha’s sister, Ronesha Murrell told WLKY. “That was the first thing she had to seek medical attention for that. Then a little bit after that, she was crying to me and she phoned me and she was like, ‘You got to get me out of here. They’re going to kill me in here,’’” Murrell said.

The outlet reported that Chappell’s family saw her days before her death and said she was in good spirits, but are seeking answers into what happened to their loved one. 

Sam Aguiar, one of the attorneys representing Breonna Taylor’s family, announced on Facebook that he, Ben Crump, and Lonita Baker would be assisting Chappell’s family in getting answers and hopefully justice.

“Our team has been given the privilege of seeking truth and justice for the family of Ta’Neasha Chappell … more to come ASAP,” he wrote, according to WLKY. Taylor’s family was awarded a $12 million settlement with the city of Louisville.

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