Cop Accused Of Deleting Witness Video Charged With Evidence Tampering

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A Philadelphia police officer was arrested Wednesday (July 21) on evidence tampering and other charges after being accused of deleting witness video of a traffic stop he made in March. 

According to TMZ, the officer –– identified only as Officer Burnett –– was arrested and arraigned and faces several charges including evidence tampering. Burnett is accused of deleting video from Jacob Giddings’ phone after the officer pulled him over at a gas station in March. Giddings accused Burnett of brutality and excessive force during the traffic stop which Giddings says he caught on video on his phone. 

While allegedly attempting to delete the witness video, Burnett’s body camera was rolling, which led to an internal investigation and eventually Burrnett’s arrest. It's unclear if the officer turned himself in or if other officers placed him under arrest.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office told the outlet Burnett is also being charged with attempted official oppression and obstruction of justice.

The officer faces a civil suit against him, too and may soon be off of the police force completely. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw told TMZ she plans to dismiss him after his 30-day suspension is over. 

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