Five Black-Owned Social Media Sites You Should Check Out

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When most people think about Silicon Valley, diversity and inclusion efforts are often the last things to come to mind. Furthermore, the world's most powerful social media sites have had issues hiring more Black tech professionals to work at their companies. In fact, a recent report from Future Forum pointed out that only 5.3% of tech professionals are Black. As a result, industry insiders and consumers have found it easy to push aside Black-owned social media sites. Nevertheless, several Black-owned apps and social media platforms have found a way to push forward and make their presence known. For example, apps like TrueSo and MelaninPeople take the features of the world's most popular apps and mold them into a unique playground for Black influencers, content creators and everyday users.


Founder(s): Adeyinka Adegoke


Mission Statement: A socio-business media platform connecting Melanin People from all over the world using short form videos, pictures and messaging application . Our vision is to connect people of color from different parts of the world, share the culture and increase our socio-economic awareness. Join us and promote your personal or business brand on MelaninPeople.

The Cookout

Founder(s): Kiki Bryant, Cassandra A Osei, and Atiyya Hassan


Mission Statement: We Are The FIRST ever invitation-only social media app, created BY Black people, FOR Black people. Don't be fooled by Swagger Jackers.


Founder(s): Issac Hayes III


Mission Statement: Fanbase is a photo, video, live streaming, and long-form content app that lets you monetize your posts by gaining subscribers for $3.99 a month for exclusive content you create. Users can also follow you for free like other photo/video sharing apps. You decide what posts are for followers and what posts are for subscribers. Influencers, athletes, musicians, models, foodies, fitness enthusiasts, makeup artists, comedians, brands and You. Everyone has a Fanbase.


Founder(s): Darren Walker


Mission Statement: Connect with friends, share what you’ve been up to, empower businesses in your community, see what’s new from others all over the world, all while on a platform that economically empowers people like you. Express yourself, Connect with Friends and Empower Your Community.


Founder(s): Matthew Newman


Mission Statement: Designed to empower and advance personal and career aspirations, TruSo includes a content calendar that engages prominent individuals within several categories such as, Arts & Culture, Business & Marketing, and more.

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