Kyrie Irving Helps Build Solar Water Center In Pakistan

Kyrie Irving

Photo: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving's KAI Family Foundation has teamed up with the Paani Project to build a solar water center in Tharparkar, Pakistan. Both nonprofit organizations hope their efforts will provide access to clean water in one of the nation's most under-resourced areas.

“I reached out to his foundation directly and told them about Paani,” Paani Project Founder Sonny Khan said.

"We have $0 in overhead costs. We give all of our money to the people. We record everything from start to finish. We’ve raised over $1 million as volunteers without any money for marketing.”

Khan reached out to the KAI Family Foundation because Irving has a history of giving back to worthy causes. During his NBA career, he has donated more than $2 million to the WNBA, Feeding America, Food Bank for New York City and several other organizations. More recently, he donated school supplies to 25 young scholars in Kenya.

“Kyrie has always been one of my favorite players,” Khan told Nets Daily.

“One day I was just scrolling online and came across his surreal track record of philanthropy. I was surprised to see how much work he’s done in Africa, the work he’s done for low-income communities, and work towards women’s empowerment.”

In addition to setting up a solar water center, the KAI Family Foundation will provide solar power mechanisms for fans and lights at schools. To top it all off, the KAI Family Foundation is working with the Paani Project to build a farm in Tharparkar to help with food sustainability.

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