Tokyo Today: Keyshawn Davis Advances To Final, Team USA Moves Past Serbia

Team USA Women's 5x5 Basketball Team

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Wow! Two weeks have passed since the world's best athletes gathered in Tokyo, Japan for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Countries have celebrated their first gold medals, world records have been broken and legacies have been cemented. With that said, all good things must come to an end. There are two full days left of Olympic action and a lot is still on the table. Most notably, Team USA trails China by five gold medals in the overall count with an opportunity to make up ground on Friday and Saturday. If the opening ceremony was the season premiere, the season finale will be must-watch TV.


Brittney Griner

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Alexa, play "Win" by Jay Rock. Thursday w

as a special day for Team USA in Tokyo. Ariel Torres won gold in karate, Gable Stevenson won gold in wrestling and April Ross and Alix Klineman won gold in beach volleyball.

  • One more to go! Brittney Griner poured in 15 points and pulled 12 rebounds in Team USA's win against Serbia in the women's basketball 5x5 tournament. With a 79-59 win, Team USA will move on to the Olympic final where they will take on Japan.
  • Gold is in the future. With a win early Friday morning, Keyshawn Davis advanced to the men's lightweight final where he will face Andy Cruz of Cuba. If he wins, he will become the first male boxer from the U.S. to win a gold medal since 2004.
  • History is being made and it isn't even February. With a bronze medal in the women's 400m final, Allyson Felix has become the most decorated female Olympian in American history. She has participated in five Olympic games and won ten medals.


Michael Cherry

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Thursday was a great day for Team USA in a variety of sports, but there a few lowlights. In fact, Carl Lewis may go another rant today because of what went down on Thursday.

  • Team USA continues to struggle on the track. Entering the 2021 Summer Olympic Games, Team USA had the fastest men's sprinters in the 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter dashes. Unfortunately, none of that matters if the sprinters do not perform on the day of the competition. Michael Cherry nor Michael Norman will be able to earn a medal in the men's 400-meter final. As a result, Team USA will head home without a gold medal in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 4x100m relay. Cherry and Norman will have an opportunity to win gold in the men's 4x400m final on August 7 at 8:50 a.m. ET.

Beyond Team USA

Steven Gardiner

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The 2021 Summer Olympic Games are not an American competition. They are a stage for some of the world's greatest athletes. From Solvenia's basketball phenom, Luka Doncic, to Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce of Jamaica, there are a number of athletes outside of the United States to keep your eyes on.

  • The Bahamas owns the 400-meter dash. Shaunae Miller-Uibo fended off Allyson Felix and Marileidy Paulino to finish with a time of 48.36 seconds and win gold. Adding on, Steven Gardiner won the men's 400-meter dash with a blazing time of 43.85 seconds. He is the first Bahamian man to win an Olympic gold medal in an individual event.
  • Italy is home to the fastest men in the world. Days ago, Lamont Marcell Jacobs shocked the world by winning the men's 100-meter dash. On Friday, Jacobs joined his teammates and won the men's 4x100m relay.

Everything Happening Around The Olympics

Tokyo Olympics - Table Tennis

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Every four years, the Olympics do a great job taking our minds off of the world's ills and everything going on around us. However, this Olympics feels a bit different than those of years past. From an uprising in Cuba to a global pandemic, there is so much going on in the world that makes it impossible for anyone to just "stick to sports" over the next two weeks.

  • Delta made the trip out to Tokyo as well. Through five weeks, there have been 387 confirmed COVID-19 cases tied to the 2021 Summer Olympics. Beyond the Olympic village, Japan recorded more than 15,000 COVID-19 cases yesterday, a national record.
  • The International Olympic Committee has taken steps to defend a star sprinter from Belarus. Belarus coach Yuri Moisevich and team official Artur Shumak were stripped of their accreditation after they allegedly attempted to force sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya onto a plane against her will. Timanovskaya reportedly refused to return home to Belarus because she feared that she would be arrested upon arrival, so she has secured a visa in Poland.
  • The IOC follows up on racial slur hurled during cycling competition. The IOC and the International Cycling Union have moved to suspend German cycling coach Patrick Moster for the remainder after 2021 after he was heard hurling a racial slur in regards to an Ethiopian competitor.

What To Watch

Kevin Durant

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All good things must come to an end. The 2021 Summer Olympic Games are winding down, but there are a few more events to keep your eyes out for this weekend.

  • Men's Basketball - Team USA v. France: Two weeks ago, fans were worried when France handed Team USA its first loss in Olympic play since 2004. This weekend Kevin Durant and company will have an opportunity to avenge that loss and win a gold medal. The action begins at 10:30 p.m. ET on August 6.
  • Men's Boxing - Keyshawn Davis v. Andy Cruz: If there is a fight that boxing fans have waited to see during the 2021 Summer Olympic Games, it is this. Andy Cruz has managed to hold off Keyshawn Davis three times during his amateur career, but a few things have changed since their last showdown. Most notably, Davis has gained professional experience and he is extremely focused on this fight. The opening bell will ring at 12:15 a.m. on August 8.
  • Women's Basketball - Team USA v. Japan: Team USA has won more than 50 straight games at the Olympics and it will look to continue its streak this weekend. Their opponent is the host nation of Japan. Tip-off is set for 10:30 p.m. ET on August 7.


Skylar Diggins-Smith

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Q: Which country has won the most gold medals?

A: China currently leads all nations with 36 gold medals.

Q: How many gold medals have the United States of America won?

A: Team USA has won 31 gold medals.

Q: When will Team USA's men's 5x5 basketball team play?

A: Team USA will play France at 10:30 p.m. ET on August 6.

Q: When will Team USA's men's 5x5 basketball team play?

A: Team USA will play Japan at 10:30 p.m. ET on August 7.

Q: When will the 2021 Summer Olympic Games end?

A: The last event at the 2021 Summer Olympic Games will take place at 3:30 a.m. ET on August 8.

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