Lil' Nas X, Cardi B & Many Others Can't Get Over How Good Rihanna Smells


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Over the course of her career, Rihanna has been a symbol of consistency in entertainment and business. For more than a decade, she's consistently elevated her live performances, evolved as a businesswoman and continued to progress as an artist. However, there's one thing she's done consistently that has flown under the radar, smell great. Just days after teasing her new perfume from Fenty Beauty, Rihanna promoted the product by sharing a montage of celebrities talking about how good the pop star smells. Lil' Nas X, Cardi B, Skai Jackson, Cyn Santana and a number of other public figures have commented on how fantastic she smells all the time.

"What's your favorite smell?" an interviewer asks.

"Rihanna," Lil Nas X replies.

A wise person once said, "The best promo is free promo." Rihanna has certainly gotten a ton of it and it's never wavered.

In addition to sharing a celebrity montage video, the entrepreneur also put out a video featuring her modeling in a variety of settings as she speaks about her new perfume.

“We’re f----- up most of the time. And it’s not because we want to be that way. It’s because we’re dealt the hand — and guess what? We don’t run from it. We deal with it. So you want me to tell you how a woman’s supposed to smell like?” she asks.

"However the f--- they want to feel."

Rihanna has not only been in the news lately because of her new perfume. She's also dominated headlines after Forbes estimated that her net worth has surpassed more than $1.5 billion. That's a major step up from the budding star that appeared alongside Shontelle and J-Status on "Roll It" in 2007. When asked about her new status in Forbes, she offered a simple, yet satisfying response.

"God is good," the billionaire answered.

With her newly anointed billionaire status and upcoming perfume launch, it doesn't appear that R9 is coming in the near future. Nevertheless, there's a lot to celebrate in the Fenty household these days.

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