Woman Says Husband Of 18 Years Cleared Out The House While She Was Away

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A Tennessee woman is warning others after sharing her story about returning home from a work trip and finding her husband of 18 years packed up and gone. 

The story, reported first and with exclusive details by The Shade Room, comes from Porsche Rosmon who said she traveled to Las Vegas for a work convention, came back home to Tennessee and found the place almost completely cleaned out. 

She posted videos of the home online and revealed to The Shade Room on Monday (August 9) that she hadn’t heard from him and he’d blocked her number and social media accounts. No letter was left, no explanation, nothing, which was weird to her since she says everything was fine when she left for the work trip. 

“I got home, I opened the door and I screamed so loud, I’m sure my neighbor heard me,” Rosmon told the outlet. “I cried. My entire apartment, everything was gone.”

Later that same day, a man believed to be Porsche’s estranged husband shared his side of the story, saying he removed those items as a “favor” to her. 

“There was a mutual understanding of separation,” the unidentified man wrote in the post. “Me ‘taking’ items was a favor to my wife because her storage was full and she was moving into a fully furnished apartment minus [the] mattress that I helped her move into with her now roommate,” the post reads. 

The man claims Rosmon has “mismanaged emotions” but he “still want[s] her to win because life has been very hard for her.” 

“She needs a break, continue to support her but don’t tear me down for protecting myself" the post said.

Before the man made his post, Porsche took to Instagram live to clear up some of the misconceptions. 

“Nobody deserves to be left like that,” she said, adding that the two had been through a lot together but she wouldn’t never have done him that way. 

She also revealed that the two had been in counseling at some point to work on their relationship but admitted that she feels “a bit of relief,” after sharing that all she ever wanted was for her husband “to love me for me.” 

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