Cardi B Weighs In On The No-Shower Celebrity Debate

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August started off with some strange and strong-smelling opinions from some celebrities. 

Over the weekend, Ashton Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, shared –– unprovoked –– that they choose not to bathe their children until they “see the dirt on them.” 

“Otherwise, there’s no point,” Kutcher said. 

That prompted other celebrities, including Kristen Bell and Jake Gyllenhaal, to share their infrequent showering schedules and bathing habits, while others made it clear they hop in the tub often, sometimes multiple times a day. 

Well, Cardi B has joined the discussion, but she just has one question for social media. 

“Wassup with people saying they don’t shower?” the “WAP” rapper tweeted. “It’s giving itchy.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cleared up some fans’ inquiries about his showering habits, tweeting that he’s “the opposite of a ‘not washing themselves celeb.” The Jungle Cruise actor even responded to someone who said his three-times-a-day bathing routine was “weird.” 

Actor Jason Momoa even jumped into the discussion, telling Access in an interview, “I’m not starting any trends, I shower, trust me.” 

“I shower, I’m Aquaman. I’m in the f**king water. Don’t worry about it. I’m Hawaiian. We got saltwater on me. I’m good,” he added

Needless to say, as Cardi said, it’s all confusing why this is even a discussion.

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