Critics Raise Issues After Shaun King Teases His New Fashion Line

Shaun King

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Shaun King has announced that he will be launching his own fashion line, A Real One, in September, but his critics were not trying to hear it. Immediately after he shared his plans, critics called out King's past financial mishaps and characterized A Real One as a "scam."

"Last week, he needed money to move his family out -- now he's asking y'all to give him money to buy his new hoodies...It's almost like he has no spine or care -- he really is the Grifter Who Stole Christmas," Philadelphia Magazine Editor-At-Large Earnest Owens tweeted.

"Please tell me Shaun King is not selling freedom fashions?" actress Laci Mosley added.

Many are skeptical to offer King their money because he has been accused of misappropriating funds that were intended for victims of police brutality. Most notably, he has been accused of fundraising for Tamir Rice's family without their knowledge and abruptly closing down his own nonprofit, Justice Together, after raising thousands of dollars.

"Personally, I don't understand how you sleep at night," Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria Rice, wrote on Instagram in June.

“I never gave you permission to raise nothing. Along with the United States, you robbed me for the death of my son.”

The most recent controversy tied to Shaun King involves the house his family recently moved into. Earlier this summer, the Kings moved into a New Jersey home worth more than $800,000. Shortly after moving to a new neighborhood, King and his family claim to have received threats to their safety and made the decision to move out of the home. In a lengthy Instagram post, King blamed several media outlets for allegedly posting his address online and asked his supporters for financial support as they moved.

“Today, I’ve had to make a heartbreaking decision,” King stated.

“After a combination of Fox News, the NY Post, and other outlets posted pictures of my home across the Internet, we’ve now seen our address posted all over the internet. Strangers have already started coming by the house. My kids can’t even go outside and play during the final month of summer break. So, we’re moving.”

In support of King, civil rights attorney Lee Merritt and several others also launched online fundraisers asking for financial assistance. As expected, many people were not eager to help the King family out financially.

In spite of the controversy surrounding himself and his family, King plans to release his first line of A Real One clothing on September 8.

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