Black Owned Nonprofit Plans $50,000 Monthly Giveaway For The Next 100 Years

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When barbershop owner Niamke Muhammad formed The B Network Group, he hoped to help more Black entrepreneurs become more successful. After years of hard work, it appears that he may have achieved his goal. Muhammad has announced that The B Network Group drams of offering a grant of $50,000 to Black entrepreneurs twice per month for the next century. Muhammad has explained that "anyone who has a business plan that will create jobs and industry" in the Black community is eligible for the award. In addition, Muhammad has said that he dreams of offering an annual grant of $500,000 to any corporation, company or nonprofit that aligns with The B Network Group's missions and goals.

To accomplish his goal, Muhammad is not seeking backing from large corporations. Instead, he is working to obtain public support to achieve his ultimate goal.

“We are simply asking four million people to donate $50. This small one-time donation will provide generational wealth and motivate millions to become entrepreneurs. We believe if we can show the world that by giving up one night of partying, we can provide one hundred years of financial independence, that will be a great start and a true sign of community maturity," he said.

In the end, Muhammad is hopeful that four million people will donate $50 each. With $200 million, he plans to allocate $120 million to his $50,000 giveaways and $50 million will be allocated to the annual $500,000 grant. It is unclear where the remaining $30 million will land.

Muhammad and his team of Okwaasmudera Muhammad and Jaslyn Adams are asking willing supporters to visit their official website to learn more.

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